Newark’s Best Mexican Restaurant!!!

Greetings all Divers and Pirates,

Well, Memorial Day is almost here, and the diving season has begun. As always, we try to provide information that may be of interest of each of you as you visit, or plan to visit North Point Dive Quarry. Often, we are asked about restaurants nearby where divers can go either between dives or after a full day of diving.

We are pleased to be able to recommend Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant as a great choice for food and/or adult beverages. The management and staff are the most friendly and professional people you will ever encounter, and the quality of the food is incredible. Once you visit them, you will want to make them a regular stop whenever you are in the area for whatever reason. In addition, the restaurant is only a 4 minute drive from the Quarry, and has become a destination of choice by many divers.

If you should happen to patronize Puerto Vallarta, be sure to let them know that you received information for them from the North Point Dive Quarry Website.

Thanks as always,

Scuba Chuck



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