New Visitors at North Point Dive Quarry

Hello Pirates and Divers,

The season has been great for diving at North Point this year, and many divers have taken advantage of the warm water and good visibility. Recently, I met a wonderful couple, Wendell & Charle Crain as they visited North Point for the first time. They were pretty excited about the Quarry, and have made plans to return often.

Also, as an update on the nature side of things, the eagles have been hanging out around the quarry daily, and the paddlefish are now averaging 3′-4′ long and are being spotted by divers on a regular basis. We even have a couple of Great Blue Herons making their home here at the Quarry, and it is always fun to watch them as they wait to catch an unsuspecting fish.

Don’t forget, if you have not had the chance to dive here at North Point so far this season, there is still lots of time to dive before the winter cold sets in at the end of the year.

Take care, and safe diving for all,

Scuba Chuck



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