Great Season at North Point

Greetings to all of my fellow pirates and divers,

What a fun season this year at North Point Dive Quarry. Thanks to all of the divers, instructors and water rescue teams that dove and trained throughout the year. A special thanks to Sid, Jon, and Sara for all of their volunteer work at the Quarry.

With the dive season starting to wind down, and the weather turning cooler, there are still a couple of months left for divers to visit and enjoy the Quarry. There are plenty of migrating birds and waterfowl to observe, and our resident bald eagles and deer can be spotted almost daily. The Paddlefish are getting huge, and many more divers are seeing them each time they dive.

The Quarry will close for the season beginning December 31st, and will re-open March 1st to begin the 2019 dive season. Again, we would like to thank everyone for helping make 2018 a successful year here at North Point.

Captain Chuck


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